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Tutoring in Vero Beach

​​Increases mastery of

academic skills...

Improves self-esteem and 


Improves students' attitudes toward school...

Benefits from One on One Tutoring


 Instruction is individualized for each learner.

 If the student is having trouble understanding a concept, the tutor can spend more time  explaining the concept in a way that the student can understand.


The tutor helps to build an infrastructure for studying that best suits the student’s own preferences for learning.

One on one tutoring keeps students focused and engaged in the lesson, allowing the students to use their time more efficiently.

Students learn to break down material into discrete components, study systematically, manage their time, and develop the capacity for sound reasoning.

Tutoring can be extremely effective in increasing grades and confidence, but it does require a commitment from both parents/caregivers and the student.  The student must be engaged and willing to work with the tutor. The tutor is responsible for passing on knowledge and skills, but their most important role is that of a coach, challenging and encouraging students to challenge themselves. The tutor assists, but when the student succeeds, it is his or her own success.