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Bernice’s Blog                        June 27, 2016                                              The Learning Tree

Parents Worry!  Do Our Children?
It may come as a surprise to some, but children do worry and go through different stages of worry as they grow older and acquire more information.

What is worry?  By definition, “it is a troubled state of mind or anxiety.”  It is held that worry without foundation and perhaps solution is not considered healthy.  However, we live in a challenging world that fills parents and children with worry, which is a part of being human.  What we do with our worries as parents and how we teach our children to cope with them is critical.

In our modern society, what do we worry about?  To name a few, family health and safety, finances, bullying, terrorism, war, marriage stability, school and other public shootings, and the list grows daily.

Children worry about different things as they advance and learn according to their particular place in life.  Ms. Kuraoka, a well-known social worker, suggests that children are barraged with thousands of messages from media, peers, school-yard buzz, family members, the Internet and TV that send them reeling with worry and anxiety.  As hard as we try to shelter them from the realities of the world, their worries will increase as their understanding deepens.

Younger children under 12 display their worry symptoms through insomnia, nightmares, and stomachaches.  As they progress, teens value the opinions of their peers, all while they reach a more independent attachment to parents, when perhaps they need it most.  They stress over family problems, arguing, finances, like paying mortgage or rent, and having enough family money to buy the things they want most.  If we add to this the fact that many teens are caring for younger siblings after school, it may become overwhelming and lead to teen depression.

Results from a survey of 1,000 children age 9-13 reveals that they worry most about school grades, looks or appearance,  problems at home, being liked and being out-of-shape or overweight.  About one-third are concerned about their future or being a disappointment to family.  It makes them scared when parents are angry.

As parents of school-age children, we must create innovative ways to keep lines of communication open.  In addition, what positive steps can we take to be helpful?  Author, Alice Fleming, suggests that we find out if a problem is solvable, figure out what’s causing it, decide how to solve it, and take action!  Worry and anxiety are a part of life at any age; allow yourself and your children to develop coping skills that lead to a healthy and less stressful existence.

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